26 February 2010

up up and away.....

A collection of my own work based around fairy tales and Light bulbs. x

As pretty as a garland

I have a thing for headpieces, especially floral head garlands so next on the list is going to be a collection of beautiful head garlands to wear through the summer months. x

25 February 2010

Betty Jackson your a doll

I have fallen in love with betty Jackson's spring/summer 2010 collection is so darn beautiful. I want to wrap myself in floral and run through a meadow.

The magical Tent

Ever since i watched Captin Hook when i was little i have always wanted their magical tent. Maybe i could try and recreate a 'grown up version' as my new bed. x

Home Sweet Home

I am spending my day looking for a new little home to live in. Although very tiresome i think i have found my dream little burrow. This has made me think of all the little ways of decorating my new room. x

22 February 2010

David Hamilton

Dreaming of summer...

Washed up Sequins....

Inspiration for my new collection, based on mermaids and fish scales...

17 February 2010

The Garden of the Ticking Clock...


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A collection of Textile art work, based around the concept of an old lady falling asleep in her green house dreaming of being a little girl again.