20 February 2011




Lately i have been thinking about what my dreams are about...
Those dreams when you fall in love but you have never seen that
person before and you wonder if they really exists?
But, say if you were asked to picture some one in your head that you
have never seen before its impossible, you just are not able to do it.

So that beautiful boy that you may have dreamt about last night must really
exist. Maybe you will never see him again, either in reality or another dream,
but it made me think so how many people have had a dream about me
and never seen me before?

I want to create a little series of work based on this concept and trapping these
thoughts and ideas in bottles never to escape, but if you open the bottle ever so
slightly they will disappear forever, just like when you try so hard, desperately trying
to hold onto those last thoughts and feelings and then it disappears
like fairy dust until the next one. x

Flights Booked.....

19 February 2011

Never let me go

I was literally Hyperventilating what an amazing film.....