14 March 2011

i want to get lost in you.

Fallen in LOVE...

IVe fallen head over heels in love with these little knitted animals.
Iro iro i like what you've got going on x

A/W 2011 Secret Squirrel

Pack, pack, pack

11 March 2011


Iced Bun..

Today i went into my favorite Bakery to buy my lunch.... (as normal)
and there in the corner of my eye i spotted an iced Bun sitting rather lonely
on its own.
Then i felt a total sense of nostalgia and i just had to buy it.
For me an iced Bun is the cake of my childhood. I can always remember on a
Wednesday my mum would always go into town and as a treat would always
bring us back a cake each (the other for my brother) i would always have an
iced bun and my brother would always ask for a chocolate eclair.

Its funny, even though i am 25 and there are a lot more fancier and tastier cakes out there, the iced bun
will always remain my favorite, but maybe its just because a wednesday was always that special day of the week. x

9 March 2011



Being wild and free...


I just stumbled across this work... And i literally have never felt so inspired and so excited i could not click on another image without squealing out with pure excitement like a little girl.
This is everything that i Love, the use of colours, texture, materials i am just head over heels in LOVE!