20 August 2011

Summer Love

I keep having that summer feeling lately of when i was young, and summers used to last a life time, every day was boiling hot (although i doubt that was true, it just felt like it was) I remember running around the garden in my denim dungarees, climbing the big oak tree and playing in the paddling pool with my older brother. Running around trying to catch the most beautiful brightly coloured butterflies which makes me so sad that they dont fill my summers any more.
Riding around the village on my bike stopping to pick flowers to press along the way. Then having to go to bed when it was still light outside, with my bedroom window wide open with the fresh smell of cut grass in the evening rushing through my window.
Summers were magical when you were young x


Kiss me Kate

Vogue Cover Shoot

Hyperventilating over the head Garlands.... x

5 August 2011


When i was 5 years old i befriended a little hedgehog, i thought it was lost as i found it on the step outside of our front door.
So it became my pet for 3 days i used to fill up a little saucer and feed it milk...
(maybe the National Trust would have other views on my choice of beverage) but he seemed to like it.


Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue...

A Summer of LOVE....
This would be my kind of day. x

Piledriver Waltz


Photo Diary...

Im back from my travels away and ohhhhh gosh wasn't it just gorgeous.
I want to go back to the sunny villa of love and be a free spirited hippy and dance around in the sun everyday.
But im excited about the rest of the summer and setting up a brown rabbit online shop.
With lots of gorgeous headpieces to purchase, sneak peak coming soon!
LOve LOve x