13 January 2011


Inspiration for Brown and Binx collaboration.... After looking at my chosen pictures and the use of bright fluorescent colours i started to think of 1940s tinted photographs. I have always been fascinated by this style and thought of the idea of using some thing old and distressed and tinting it with a new life of colour...
Hand-colouring refers to any method of manually adding colour to a black-and-white photograph, generally either to heighten the realism of the photograph or for artistic purposes. Hand-colouring is also known as hand painting or overpainting.
Typically, watercolors, oils, crayons or pastels, and other paints or dyes are applied to the image surface using brushes, fingers, cotton swabs or airbrushes. Hand-coloured photographs were most popular in the mid- to late-19th century before the invention of color photography and some firms specialized in producing hand-coloured photographs.
These are a collection of my favorite tints. BR x

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