3 February 2011


Look at these little treasures i found the other day and right on my door step...
Firstly this beautiful 1940s silk quilted bed jacket in the most perfect condition, it has these incredible voluminous sleeves and it truly made my heart stop and my mouth drop open.
I think it will justify not eating for a week.
Oh and not forgetting these funny little boys (I'am yet to think of fitting names) but they are just so cute i have no idea what they are, were, for and neither did the lady in the antique shop but they made me go all funny inside and i just had to have them in my weird and wonderful life. I shall investigate to find out what they are all about, but for now they are quite happy sitting on my window sill eagerly waiting for spring to arrive. x

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Louise said...

I love Mr and Mrs Pole. I would have felt the same. They are going to get to know you very well over the years.
Louise x (that strange, over-excited woman with loads of children.)